Centre for Integrated Research and Understanding of Sleep

Sleep loss and disordered sleep is now recognised as a major contributor to mortality, chronic disease and economic health burden.

CIRUS was established in 2009 as a National Health and Medical Research Council - Centre of Clinical Research Excellence. Our aim is to investigate the biology of sleep, and to prevent and to treat disorders of sleep through a uniquely interdisciplinary approach.

CIRUS supports world-class interventional sleep health research aimed to inform clinical practice and alter health policy. Our goal is to foster the next generation of sleep researchers and create research leaders.

Latest news & events

Scientists to Unlock Sleep Secrets


Tired of feeling tired after a bad night's sleep? A team of top Australian scientists are coming to your rescue with a cutting-edge research centre investigating the relationship between sleep and the brain.

Professor Ron Grunstein of the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research will head NeuroSleep, a new centre tasked with better understanding how disrupted sleep leads to impaired brain function and how brain conditions impact on sleep. The team of investigators from some of Australia's leading research organisations are charged with making discoveries that will help the 1.5 million Australians with a sleep disorder.......read more