Dr Bandana Saini

  • BPharm, MPharm, MBA, PhD, Grad Cert Ed Studies
  • a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney
  • a practicing pharmacist
  • a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
  • a member the Australasian Sleep Disorders Association and the Australian Asthma and Respiratory Educators Association
  • a member of the Pharmacists' Asthma Group of the National Asthma Council, Australia

Dr Bandana Saini has worked as an information line consultant for the Asthma Foundation of NSW, and taught Management and Pharmacy subjects at several Universities in NSW, previous to her appointment within the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney.

Current research achivements

Dr Saini's research deals with developing, testing and evaluating pharmacist delivered health intervention/health service models involving respiratory and sleep disorders.

Major research achievements

Her doctoral work successfully trialled the first ever pharmacy based asthma disease state management model. Since then, she has been involved, as part of a team with a special interest in asthma, in many asthma related projects. These have included projects with a rural focus, health promotion projects, developing asthma training programs for pharmacists, developing audio-visual aids for education about asthma devices, testing pharmacy as a site for delivering asthma self-management education and many others. She has also been involved in pioneering the exploration of pharmacist roles in sleep health and COPD in the community setting. Her work, along with the asthma research team has led to the translation of research into practice at a national level and heightened awareness of the role of pharmacists in asthma and respiratory conditions at international levels.

CCRE role & involvement in CCRE projects

Dr Saini's initiatives on the role of pharmacists in sleep health are amongst one of the first such efforts nationally and globally. She will be involved in projects exploring pharmacy as a site of sleep disorder screening and specialised sleep service provision. Dr Saini’s work with asthma models and the successful incorporation of these into practice will inform the development and future roll out of sleep health models for pharmacy settings.

Dr Saini will assist in the development and implementation of projects related to the use of medicines in sleep.

Relevant publications

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