Professor Guy Marks

  • Head, Respiratory and Environmental Epidemiology Group, WIMR
  • Senior Staff Specialist Respiratory Physician, Liverpool Hospital
  • Director, Australian Centre for Asthma Monitoring
  • NHMRC Practitioner Fellow
  • Clinical Professor, University of Sydney
  • Conjoint Professor, University of NSW

Major research achivements

  • Designed and published widely used quality of life questionnaire for asthma
  • Extensive investigations of risk factors for asthma
  • Descriptive epidemiology of asthma in Australia
  • Principal investigator in Australian arm of Burden of Obstructive Lung Disease study
  • Principal investigator in Childhood Asthma Prevention Study

CCRE role & involvement in CCRE projects

My main role in the CCRE is to provide expertise on research methodology by providing advice on study design, analysis and interpretation.

Relevant publications

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