Associate Professor Nick Glozier

Associate Professor Nick Glozier is the head of the Psychiatry Program at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney Medical School

Current research interests

Mental illness and its comorbidity with sleep and physical disorders, public health, epidemiology and trials, disability, particularly work related, stigma and discrimination.

Major research achivements

His recent work on sleep, mental disorders and disability in the European countries has been incorporated into UK’s Black report “Working for a Healthier Britain”. He was contracted by the UK Department of Work and Pensions and British Telecom to develop their work stress strategy programme and translated research evidence to provide new service models in e.g. the response to the London Transport Bombings of 2005.

His discrimination papers have been used for disability discrimination policies and practices and in documents from the UK Social Exclusion Unit, and clinical guidelines for treatment of depression in a number of countries e.g. Canada and UK.

He is an author of the WHO’s Disability Classification system, the ICF.

CCRE role & involvement in CCRE projects

Nick Glozier is chief investigator in a number of epidemiological and health service studies evaluating sleep disorder, comorbidity and burden in Australia and Europe.

Relevant publications

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