Professor Peter Cistulli

  • Professor of Respiratory Medicine
  • Head of the Discipline of Sleep Medicine, University of Sydney
  • Head of the Centre for Sleep Health & Research at Royal North Shore Hospital
  • Head of the Upper Airway Structure and Function Group at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research
  • a former President of the Australasian Sleep Association
  • an active participant in national and international committees and boards, covering the areas of research, conference scientific programs, journal editorial boards, healthcare quality, and philanthropy.

Current research interests

Professor Cistulli is a clinician / researcher with a longstanding interest in the pathophysiology and treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea. His research program is currently focussed on anatomical risk factors for OSA, phenotyping of OSA patients, and the development of novel and targeted therapies for OSA. His work involves strong interdisciplinary collaborations in dentistry and otorhinolaryngology.

Major research achivements

Professor Cistulli’s thematic research programme on orofacial aspects of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea pathophysiology and therapy has earned national and international recognition. He is the recipient of the prestigious Pierre Robin (2006) and Honorary Member (2008) awards from the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine for exceptional original contributions to research and education. His research has been largely funded by NHMRC of Australia. Much of the evidence base supporting the clinical role of oral appliances in the management of obstructive sleep apnoea stems from his team’s original research, some of which has produced commercial outcomes through the development of new technologies.

Professor Cistulli will is part of the executive team in the Centre for Integrated Research and Understanding of Sleep (CIRUS). In addition, he will play a lead role in the “Improving Effectiveness of Treatment” stream, which will focus on developing screening strategies for sleep disorders, improving prediction of response to treatments, improving treatment adherence, developing a new sleep model in specialised clinics, and developing effective inter-professional education in sleep health for undergraduates and health care professionals.

Relevant publications

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